Friday, December 5, 2014

haul out the holly...

It's that time of year!

Check out this adorable vintage enamel bucket my Momma got me!
I thought it would be perfect base for my Christmas tree.
Still has the label! Whaaaat?!

Isn't this old photo of my Aunt Becky just too cute?
Me thinks she doesn't completely trust this Santa fella.

This little item is my favorite Etc. Shop find.
Christmas. Toilet. Paper.
It doesn't get much more festive than that.
And, what a relief to know it's printed with non-irritating ink.
Best 25 cents I've ever spent.
Next post: another Calico Critter Christmas. ;)


  1. Your decorations look lovely! We purchased our Christmas tree this afternoon, so I hope to decorate tomorrow.

    1. Thank you Sarah! I LOVE real trees. We used to pick ours out & bring it home in out little red wagon the day after Thanksgiving every year. Sadly we can't get them anymore due to allergies in the family. :/ So now I try to make up for it with pine scented candles! :D

  2. Love everything!!! Esp the enamelware bucket the tree is in! Can't wait for the calico critters post;)


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