Friday, December 26, 2014

'twas a very Merry Christmas...

I wanted a picture holding Annelise in her little hat.
I think she liked relaxing with Billy better than being held by Auntie.

 I think she found Auntie to be rather a bore. ;)
 These cookies are but a memory now.
Aren't these little "NOEL" angel these sweetest thing?
One of my lovely gifts from my dear sisters.

Perhaps my favorite gift:
A turquoise vintage style portable record player.
Now I finally have something stylish to play my record collection on.
(I previously had a 1970s monstrosity with speakers as big as end tables.
Great sound, but poor use of space.)
I'm so happy it can play 78s! Lots of times they'll only play 45s & 33s.
Kitty isn't quite sure how she feels about it - being the embodiment of the phrase scaredy-cat.
She makes me think of the RCA dog here! :D
Was your Christmas merry?


  1. Looks like you had a fun Christmas! I loved the photos of you and your niece. Your kitty is adorable too. : )


  2. It looks as if you had more fun. I think those little noel people were meant for me. HeHe!

  3. It looks like you have had a wonderful Christmas! How adorable your niece looks in her little hat and what a fabulous record player! I love how perplexed cats get when confronted by anything electrical, my cat is constantly waging a staring war with my sewing machine, it does make me smile!

    1. Oh that's too funny about your cat! They are such comical little creatures. :D


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