Monday, January 19, 2015

THE Miss Lemon sweater - Part 1 - Planning...

I have long been an admirer of  Miss Lemon.
Especially as portrayed by Pauline Moran in the Poirot series.
(The one with David Suchet as Poirot. The ONLY one in my humble opinion.)
{Via Pinterest}

This is a character with brains, style, & class.
Not to mention terrific knitwear.
But, I just did.
I've been invited to a Literary Ball coming up in February.
We are asked to come dressed as our favorite literary character.
As I've been itching to make THE Miss Lemon sweater - 
she was the first character that leapt to mind!
While I should be in the knitting phase of this project I'm still only in the planning phase.
(Plus, I'm still working on my sister Aimee's cabled sweater.)
Pinterest has proven a very valuable asset in this endeavor.

I just order the yarn. Knit Picks Palette in serrano.
They didn't have just plain red in this weight of yarn.
So now I've started to fret that the color is going to be all wrong
when I see it in person instead of on my computer screen.
{Rolls eyes at herself}
It should be a pretty easy knit.
I plan to just wing it as far as patterns go.
I'll just make a plain cardigan & worry about how to do the bit with the bow when I come to it.
(I can't worry about everything beforehand.) ;)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

cheery cherry print fabric...

Could also be titled "Looky, looky what I got at Walmart today!"
Doesn't it go splendidly with my vintage cherry clip-on earrings?

I usually try to avoid the fabric department of our local Wally-world.
A. I usually find something to bring home with me. That I don't need.
B. It's very hard to find someone to cut aforementioned "something to bring home."
C. Often I don't find the quality of their wares that great.
D. They don't offer coupons.
(Yeah, I'm a cheapskate.)
While A & B did apply in this situation, the quality & price of this fabric were super!
(Also, though it took a long time for her to appear the gal who cut my fabric was very friendly.)
Not even on clearance, and quite good quality!
Run, don't walk to your nearest Walmart!
(Well perhaps on second thought you ought to drive.)
They also had it with navy or black background.
So, here are some ideas I have in mind for this lovely fabric.
I'm thinking shirtdress.
50s possibly 40s...
I think I may have this pattern!
I'd make the version with sleeves.

40s? I'm not sure...I think I'm leaning more towards 50s.

This is nice...
I love the Peter Pan collar on this one.
Eep! Scallops! One of my favorite things.
(Although, I've never done them so...)
What do you all think?

On a different subject entirely...
Look at this lovely nail polish I bought today as well!
Don't they just make you think of Spring?

No, I'm not done with Winter yet.
But, it is nice to look forward to Spring.
I think that may be one of my favorite things about living in a place where you get all four seasons.
You always have something to look forward to.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

and the winners are...

The winner of Lot 1 ~ The Happy Homemaker is Shannon H!
The winner of Lot 2 ~ The Happy Handworker is Sarah!
Congratulations winners!
Thanks so much to all who entered!
I sure had a lot of fun putting this together and I hope you all had fun too.
I'm so excited to have all you new followers.
I can't wait to share some more Delightful Handwork with you all.

(Winners please email me your address so I can get this mailed off to you!)

Monday, January 12, 2015

vintage delineator magazines on etsy...

There are 6 vintage magazines listed in the shop!
Sorry they're sold!

Don't be left out!

There's only today & tomorrow left to be entered!

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Ever so slowly...
Yet ever so surely...
Progress is being made.
After a couple minor freak-outs,
a few rows ripped back,
a few moments of questioning that fact that knitting is supposed to be a relaxing hobby,
I think I may finally have gotten my poor brain wrapped around this pattern.
Oh yeah, knitting is fun!
{Listening to Ella Fitzgerald}
{Drinking Tetley British Blend with way too much 1/2 & 1/2}
{Enjoying the scent of Scentsy's "My Dear Watson"}
My idea of a perfect Saturday.
Still time to enter:
Click here to do so. ^_^

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

my day...

Listening to a little bit of this...
This album cover just cracks me up.
Of course the first thing that caught my attention was her lovely dress.
But, aside to that note the blatantly artificial lawn & that bird!
I actually rather like the album though.
It's just instrumental & has that indescribable mid-century orchestra sound.
(You know with that screechy string section?)
Enjoying the delightful scent of this candle...
It's one of those Woodwick candles that makes that wonderfully crackly sound whilst it burns.
And(!) The name is delightful as well "Victorian Bouquet" - very aptly named.
Look what the postman (well postlady actually) brought me today!
The rest of my She & Him records! YAY!
So that's actually what I'm listening to now.
(Actually, I still have their newest album "Classics" coming. I got it in the same order as Volume 3, but it was warped so a replacement is on it's way. Yay Amazon!)
Tired of seeing snow pictures yet?
Well that's unfortunate because here are a few I took yesterday morning. ;)

The only Christmas décor still up around here are these lights.
I just had to turn them on with tree all adorable covered in snow.
Can you blame me?
The moon was still visible in the photo below.
Can you see it?

The little hill down to the chicken coop.
I had to take a picture of that pristine snow.
Just moments after this was taken it was dashed through by my clunky boot-clad feet.
I have to do this sort of shuffle-run to keep from landing on my bottom on the way down. ;)

Don't forget about:

Just click on "Older Post" under the comment section of this post.
Stay warm!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Delightful Handwork's Give~Away 2015!

Here it is - the moment you've been waiting for!
(Actually, I'm probably way more excited than anyone else. haha!)
I'll be listing some vintage items in my etsy shop within the month.
As a sort of New Year's resolution I'm getting rid of superfluous junk goodies.
I thought a give~away on ye olde blog would be a great kick-off for that endeavor.
I've made two lots to win in said give~away.
Lot 1: The Happy Homemaker

Included in this group are
a set of darling vintage pot holders in a little hand embroidered "basket".

4 vintage handkerchiefs.
1 dresser scarf hand embroidered with a lovely basket of flowers.
This is also a vintage item. It feels like linen & has a few very small holes.

2 vintage aprons
1 sensible. (Check out that adorable ric-rac & bias tape design!)
1 not-so-sensible. (Just for looking cute...won't keep you dry or clean at all. But who cares?!)

Little blue creamer,
aluminum(?) bunny mold (Made in England!),
scotty dog cookie cutter,
& dark brown hair nets.

Lot 2: The Happy Handworker
(For the seamstress)

This lovely lot includes
1 - 36x39" piece of vintage fabric with a fun bird motif.
This may be a feedsack...but I'm not sure.
Someone had made it into a laundry bag.
I ripped out the side seam back when I bought it,
but did not rip out the casing at the top.
Has a few small holes, but overall very usable fabric.
1 vintage cushion cover.
This fabric was a little too tropical for my tastes, but maybe it will suit yours!

Scraps of vintage baby flannel.
I'm not a quilter so there's really no sense in me keeping this.
Isn't that bunny the cutest thing?!
This fabric is very soft!

2 vintage magazines:
1 crochet bags pattern book,
1 Delineator magazine from April 1935.
Just look at those wonderful fashion plates!
(I want that polka dot dress!)
1 card of vintage buttons,
& a new repro needle card.
4 vintage patterns:
(Clockwise from top left)

McCalls 6500 * Size 12 * Bust 30 * 1946
Butterick2124 * Size 16 1/2 * Chest 44 * Couldn't find date
Simplicity 5337 * Size Child 4 * Chest 23 * 1963
Simplicity 4178 * One size * Couldn't find date
How to enter:
You can be entered up to 5 times per lot.
(That's 10 times total!)
However you must do #1 to be entered at all.
1- Leave a comment on this post telling me what sort of post you like to see most on this blog.
2- Follow this blog with Google Friends Connect
(On the sidebar of this blog under the heading "Hello Friends")
3- Follow this blog on Bloglovin'.
4- Like Delightful Handwork on Facebook.
5- Share this post on your Facebook.
If you are already a follower of this blog just mention how you follow in your comment on the post.
If you wish only to be entered in either one or the other of the lots please say so in your comment.
Otherwise you will be entered in both.
If you share this post on Facebook please tag Delightful Handwork.
(If you are unable to do so just email me that you did share it. My email is on the sidebar.)
I will be drawing 1 name for each lot (2 total) one week from today:
Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 at 5:00 PM Central Time.
You may enter up until 4:50 PM Central Time, when I will close the comments on this post.
It is free to enter & I'm even paying the shipping.
However, at this point you may enter only if you live in the USA, Canada, or Great Britain.
Please contact me if you wish to enter, but are from any other country.
I may add you to the list, but I retain the right to refuse.
(Shipping to some countries can be crazy!)
Feel free to email me any questions you may have!

And the winners are...

Shannon & Sarah!

time for...

A Give~Away!

Watch this space for more information soon!

This just in:
To enter click here
click on "newer post" under the comment
at the bottom of this post.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

snow day...

We finally got some of the white stuff!

I live atop a steep hill
when it snows...
I get a snow day!
Oh snow, you still make my heart happy.
This morning when I pulled back my curtain I made a little gasp.

All the Christmas paraphernalia was carefully & snuggly tucked away the past couple days.
Do you ever feel like you can breathe again after you take down your Christmas décor?
(After the dust has settled, of course. ^_~)
Don't get me wrong.
I love Christmas.
It is my very favorite time of the year.
I thoroughly enjoy hauling out the bulbs & baubles each year.
And yet there is something so refreshing...calming...
about tucking it all safely away for another 11 months or so.
We had to miss Church this morning -
the only downside of this lovely snow day.
We all loaded up in the car & headed down our driveway.
When we reached the end we took one look at the road down the hill...
then turned around.
I decided to make a nice lunch with whatever I could find in the freezer.
I came across a couple beef soup bones.
I'll make some soup.
Dad suggested some lentils we had languishing in the pantry.
Again, perfect!
It turned out rather well (though I say it myself!)
I have some little pots of herbs on the windowsill that I bought to die a slow & painful death here.
They're tough little things & have made it this long alive.
So, I used some lovely fresh rosemary in the soup as well.
(If anyone is interested I can give you my full recipe. Just ask!)
And what is hot soup without fresh bread, I ask you?
I didn't have enough time to make my usual bread recipe
so I searched Pinterest for a quicker yeast bread.
I hit Pinterest gold!
The recipe made two of these lovely loaves in about an hour!
And let me tell you - it. was. good.
You can find that recipe here: Simple One Hour Bread.
what else does one do on a snow day but take pictures of one's new decorating sans Christmas stuff?
I gave my new record player a place of honor on my bookshelf.

I bought all of She & Him's albums on vinyl with Christmas moo-lah.
I put Volume 3 on display because I love the colors.
I had plenty of pastel colored whosits & whatsits to make a little vignette.

 Note the adorable Beatrix Potter fabric a friend of mine gave me for Christmas!
(Thanks Gussi!)
The cute little mushrooms were a birthday gift from sister Beth
& the restaurantware tea cup an Etc. Shop find.
(50 cents - WHAT?!?)
Well there's not much to do now but sit with a cuppa, have a piece of shortbread (or two),
and browse my new favorite seed catalog.
Can you tell I had a *little* bit too much fun editing these pics on Picmonkey?
Have a lovely day!