Wednesday, December 17, 2014

vintage pixie hat & a squirrel purse...

I don't believe I've ever introduced you all to my newest niece, Annelise!
Isn't she just the cutest thing?
I made her this hat for Christmas & gave it to her early so she could get some good use out of it.
She also received a wee bolero just like her cousin Abbey, only smaller. ;)
This squirrel purse was made for my Aunt Becky.
She LOVES squirrels.
She feeds them cookies.
So they love her back. ;)

Acorn fabric for the lining, naturally.

Only gifts left to make are a lacy shawl (on the needles now) for Momma.
Made of the finest fuzzy lace yarn I have ever used. (Finer than frog's hair as Dad would say.)
& a cable knit sweater for my sister Aimee.
Made of grey wool. Cuz Aims likes her "Sombertown" garb. (Just kidding Aim!)
Oh, and a couple pies for the Bros.
Made of deliciousness.
The end is near! :P
How are your projects coming along?


  1. You are amazing girl! I truly am in awe at what you can do! Merry Christmas sissie!!:D ps I've been watching the posts for my gift and haven't seen it! :( #sisterfail JK!!! ^-~

    1. Thanks Kels! Well, you aren't going to see you gift on here cuz I had to break down & buy a gift instead of making one. :P haha!

  2. I've been eating. Selfish, huh! I hoped we'd get together for coffee and gab but time is a flying and I know everyone's busy. Still.....Your gifts are sweet, sweet, sweet, just like Kels' baby girl. WHAT a cutie. Love the squirrel bag and expecially the acorn lining. Merry Christmas friend!

    1. haha! You're a hoot, Debbie! Oh, I wish we could get together for coffee too. :/

      Have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. I just love the little bonnet!Your niece is adorable!! The squirrel purse is so unique. Your are a fabulous knitter, I wish you lived near by and could give me some lessons. : )


    1. Aw thanks, Sarah! You're so sweet. I wish I had more knitting friends around here to have a knitting bee with. Wouldn't that be fun?! :) I always think your knits are so lovely.

  4. Annelise is just adorable, and that pixie hat is the cutest!! Goes so well with her cheeks! ;-)

    We all love that squirrel purse!

    As for my projects... let's not go there. ;-) I'm thinking Twelfth Night gifts might be happening instead...! On the bright side, I *have* been able to do holiday-related paper crafting. :-)

    1. She does have such pinchable cheeks! ^_^

      Every year I say I'm going to start my gifts early to get them all done....never happens. I always bite off more than I can chew.

      Bravo on the paper crafting! :D


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