Tuesday, November 1, 2016

and so it begins...

Last Thursday was the opening day of my favorite thrift store's Christmas shop. The store is in an old Ben Franklin building & every October it's fun to peek over the banister into the basement where the volunteers elves have been busily organizing all the Christmas items that have been donated throughout the year. Then on the appointed day my sisters & I line up about half an hour before opening time along with all the other Christmas crazies around here. It's fun to dress festively. This is what I wore this year. ^_^

I've had this vintage wooly skier waistcoat for a few years. I bought it at a garage sale for a song. It's just so kitschy & cute!

A little girl in the line to check out behind me told her mom that I looked like an elf. Then her mom explained that they had just watched the movie Elf recently. So that means she thought I looked like Zooey Deschanel's character...which pretty much made my day. Heehee!

{Waiting in line with 2 of my sisters!}

These were most of the goodies I found. Not that I needed another single article of Christmas paraphernalia, but ya know...as if that even matters.

{Photo of my outfit snapped by my sister Beth}

Thursday, September 22, 2016

what Astrid & I made {cozy rosie corduroy frock}...

Happy 1st Day of Fall, Y'all!

Yesterday afternoon & evening Astrid & I had fun making this frock! I had it cut out and ready to go since probably January or February, but once the weather turned warm it got shoved in the ufo pile. It felt good to pull it out of there & finally get it done.

It was my first time trying out Astrid & she worked like a charm! The only difficulty was trying to remember that the reverse thingy is on the left not the right like my old machine.  My hand waffled back and forth a couple times before my brain could remind it that we're using a new machine now. *wink*

I used Simplicity 1080 a Dottie Angel pattern. I love her style! I've made a few frocks from this pattern. So, I felt confident to make some changes this time. I swapped out the tucks in the front & ties 'round the back for a bit of elastic at the waist in front & back. So comfy!

Our family tradition for the 1st day of Autumn is to visit out favorite orchard. Such a perfect outing to try out my new frock. ^_^

I love my jellies from Sunjellies! Do you remember those jelly sandals we wore in the 80s & 90s? Do you remember the blisters? Yeah, well these are not like that at all! So soft & bendable. And they come in the best colors! I also have the pale yellow pair. They make me want a banana Laffy Taffy real bad. *wink* I want to get the peach & mint pairs as well. {swoon} It made me even more in love with these when I learned that these original French jelly sandals were first made in the 1940s! I can't wait to wear them with tights when the weather turns. {On a side note Sunjellies also offers darling jelly bags that are perfect for toting around current knit or crochet projects in utterly adorable & kitschy style. I want one in every color!}

Here's to Fall. One of my 4 favorite seasons. Enjoy these fleeting days of harvest and colorful & crunchy leaves, and evenings of cozy comforts while the wind whips through the trees.

Oh and...
That's just the way it is. Random. But true.

Happy Autumn, dear ones!
Miss Michelle

Thursday, September 15, 2016

vintage garage sale on Instagram...

Heads up blog friends!

I'm having a sale on Instagram!

Get ready for good deals galore on vintage goodies from my stash!

Go, go, go!

Miss Michelle

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

crazy for daisies...

I'm sure by now you've noticed I've been tweaking my blog appearance.
I think I've finally settled on this vintage daisy theme. The inspiration was a vintage daisy feedsack in my collection.
I know I've mentioned it before that daisies are my favorite so I thought it was only right that they should feature heavily in my blog theme. ^_^

One of my most recent crochet projects is daisy granny squares. They are so much fun! I'm really enjoying experimenting with different colors for the background with stash yarn. My favorite is the aqua, naturally. ^_~

I tried out the "join as you go method" for joining some squares & I loved it. I used this tutorial found on Pinterest.  {Oh, I followed this tutorial for the daisy grannies, also found on Pinterest. I ♡ you, Pinterest! *blows kisses*}

I'm so in love with my new theme that I even committed to having some [square!] business cards made.

Happy Tuesday!
Much Love,
Miss Michelle ^_^

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

meet Astrid the aqua sewing machine! {+ what I've been up to lately}...

 Isn't she a beaut?
She's actually a bit darker colored in person.
(It's so hard to get a good pic indoors.)
My sweet parents made my day year by buying me this retro chic sewing machine in my favorite color.
She'll be perfect for stitching up more bedsheet dresses such as...
this one that I made this past week.
I've also been doing a bit of decorating.
These pink wall pocket baskets were a steal of a deal for 70 cents from a favorite antique mall that was {sadly} closing. The faux strawberry plants were dissected from a thrift store find for $3.50.
{Isn't faux such a much nicer way to say fake? *wink*}
This sweet planter from Target, reminiscent of a vintage head vase, was originally intended to have a succulent atop her head, but I think that this pink yarn bun fits my style even better! Doesn't she look like a giant egg cup though? *giggles*
This wire wastebasket was from the dollar section of Target for $3!
It makes such fun & cute storage for extra yarn leftover from previous projects.
The colors of this baby blankie I made for a friend's baby girl make me think of yummy saltwater taffy.
Though it may be in the 90s still outside in my neck of the woods,
inside our house it is decidedly Autumnal,
September 1st being our un-official first day of Fall.
Lovely 70s are forecast for next week though.
I can hardly wait for crisp air, colorful crunchy leaves, snuggly sweaters, & sturdy boots.
What have you been up to?
Much love,
Miss Michelle ^_^

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

the almost lost art of thank you notes...

Do you still write thank you notes?

 I try to as often as possible.
It seems to me it's not as commonplace as it used to be.
I think in our greedy, more is more society any opportunity to show gratitude is a wonderful thing.
And who doesn't like receiving happy mail, I ask you?!

One of the first thank you notes I remember receiving was from the leader of Junior Choir at church, I was probably 7 or 8. I can't even remember what the note was thanking me for, but I do recall being so excited about receiving my very own piece of mail that I asked Mom if I could send a "You're Welcome" note in return. I was quite disappointed to find out that wasn't a thing. In my child's mind it was the only appropriate response since it was instilled in me to tell someone you're welcome if they told me thank you. haha!

A little while back I heard that they are no longer going to be teaching cursive handwriting in school. I think that is a shame. I read an article once that said something about how important handwriting really is. They made a point that when you hand write something you use more of the old noodle than you do when you type. Isn't that interesting? I couldn't find a link to the article, but here is a post that talks about the article to which I'm referring.

I can speak from experience that pieces of handwriting from loved ones now gone is something I treasure. For years I cleaned house for my great grandma, Grandma Lou, and did a little shopping for her too. I saved one of the notes she left me with the grocery list. She would have me do little mending jobs for her as well since she, an excellent seamstress herself, was no longer able. The note read: "Michelle, Could you put in a new zipper? This one is nuts. Gram" hahaha! She was such a hoot.

So, I sat out on the deck on an unseasonable mild afternoon
& started writing.
{Making a photo worthy display beforehand of course. *wink*}
Then I got to thinking about being thankful.
Being thankful is so important.
We are told to be thankful to God for everything in all circumstances.
{In each & every case it's always far better than what we truly deserve.}

"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,
to which indeed you were called in one body;
and be thankful.
Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs,
 singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.
Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks through Him to God the Father."
{Colossians 3:15-17}

"Rejoice always;
pray without ceasing;
in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."
{1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

"Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!
 Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.
 Do not be anxious about anything,
but in every situation, by prayer and petition,
with thanksgiving,
present your requests to God.
 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding,
will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."
{Philippians 4:4-7}

Did you notice how often the words 'rejoice' & 'grateful' or 'thankful' are in the same passage?
Ah, nothing cultivates the joy of the Lord quite like giving thanks to Him.
It puts things into the right perspective.
We remember that He is in control.
All things are filtered through His loving hands.
How can you help but have joy when this is the case?
When we thank someone for some kind thing that they have done for us we ultimately thank God as well because He is the One Who put these givers in our lives.
Let us always be thankful to Him for the innumerable gifts He gives us every day. ^_^
{But especially that greatest gift of all: His beloved Son, Who gave His life a ransom for those who will believe in Him & His sufficient sacrifice to reconcile wretched sinners to Himself.}
So, next time you're penning thank you notes
to those who are a blessing to you,
remember the ultimate Giver.
{And be sure to take a coffee & cake break
when your hand starts to get a bit tired.}


Do you have any treasured memories connected with hand writing?

How often do you hand write things?
Much Love,
{Yep, I took the piccies & I ate that cake. It was good.}

Monday, August 15, 2016

it's my 30th birthday I can cry if I want to... {+ my birthday gift to you!}

Just kidding.
I don't feel like crying at all. ;)
But my 60s dress & hair-do made me think of that 60s song
 "It's my Party" & I couldn't help but giggle.

Everyone keeps telling me that turning 30 isn't bad at all.
In fact, they enjoyed their 30s so much more than their 20s,
but they'd probably be the type to tell you that colonoscopies aren't all that bad either,
so I'm not sure if I'm gonna fully take their word for it. ;P
But this I do know:
Hitherto my Lord has helped me
& I know He will still for as many days as He gives me.
I'm not fretting about getting older.
Every day I learn more about Jesus,
& it's one day closer to heaven,
and hopefully with every day & every year I become more like my Savior.
What more could anyone want than that?
{Plus my niece insists that I'm only 21 *wink*}
Now as to this dress.

Vintage 1961 McCall's Pattern #6120.
Vintage rose bed sheet for the fabric.
{Picked up at my favorite thrift store a few years back.}
Vintage notions: old metal zipper from a bag of goodies
my friend Ang gave me,
and thread that came with an old treadle sewing machine my Uncle Bill salvaged for me out of an old house slated for demolition.
{His only price was one of my apple pies. What a guy!}

 It was my first time making this pattern & it was about a size too big.
I made some adjustments after cutting it out that I should've done before cutting it out.
I skipped the sleeves because they looked wonky because of the adjustments.
(I now know what I'd do differently if I make this pattern again, which I plan to do.)
I love the pleats of the skirt. They make it lay so nicely.
I think my favorite detail is the matching bow belt.
I had never really cared much for the styles of the 1960s until just recently.
{And I still don't care for all of it, mind you, this is what I consider to be good 60s.}
I felt very Call the Midwife or Andy Griffith Show in this sweet frock.
 Mom did my bouffant for me.
She can recall watching her mom do a similar pouf to her own hair.

I recently brought my sewing machine & dress form {Donna Sue} upstairs to my room.
I'm so enjoying having them up here & not down in the icky basement.
It's such a cozy little corner of my room now.

 {Who wore it better: me or Donna Sue?} ;)
As a special treat for you dear friends I'd like to offer you a coupon code for 30% off in my etsy shop.
(Get it?! Get it?! 30%)
It's good all day today {August 15th, 2016}.
Just in case there's something in there you've had your eye on.
The code is: ADELIGHTFUL30TH
This week's post is a day early so that I could offer you all this deal.
{And maybe to make up for last week's being a bit late.} ;P
My family had a party for me yesterday afternoon & it was such a wonderful time.
 Momma & Dad
 My sisters
This is probably my favorite pic & my favorite part -
surrounded by my six wee leetle rabbits. <3
{Though if you'd been there your ears would most likely still be ringing from the deafening shout of "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese" that came forth from these wee ones.} ^_~
Today I'll be out shopping anywhere my heart desires.
{Mostly craft stores & thrift shops.}
I am so blessed.
Much love,
Miss Michelle ^_^
{the old fart}
Photos by Momma, Dad, Aims & Me.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Great British Birthday Party

This post is a little later than normal, but still on Tuesday...
so it totally counts for keeping to my blogging schedule.
Well, yesterday morning I awoke without a clue as to what I was even going to write about for this week's post. I normally have a few ideas to choose from, and have already started on it by that point.
So, I just went about my business of the day hoping something would come to mind.
I did my laundry.
{Not too blog worthy. I've already shared my love for line dried sheets & wicker laundry baskets several times here.}
I had a dentist appointment for an impression for my permanent crown for the tooth which had to have the implant done.
{Definitely NOT blog worthy.}
My sister Aimee went with me since we had made plans to go to our friend Taylor's house for a cup of coffee and a nice visit after my appointment.
We ended up having a little extra time before we were expected there so we grabbed a bite to eat at DQ & stopped by HomeGoods to see if there was anything we just had to have.
Didn't end up buying anything. Which is just fine. Plus we'll be going back next Monday since it's my {30th!} birthday.
So, we arrived at Taylor's house & through the big window next to her front door I spied some Union Jack bunting hanging in her dining room.
My first thought was "Aww, that sweetie must've decorated for us coming to visit."
When we stepped inside we were greeted by shouts of "SURPRISE!" & out popped not only Taylor, but her sister Gus and my other sisters Beth & Kelsey! (As well as baby Joel!)
Needless to say I was surprised. ;)

These gals sure know how to put together a theme.
They did The Great British Bake Off.
A mutual favorite of ours.
Plus they know how much of an anglophile I am. ^_^

If you've even seen the show you will immediately recognize the red gingham tablecloth.
Our place cards were our photos just like the contestants on the show have behind their bakes.

There were beautiful cottage garden flowers.
{I'm guessing from Gus' garden.}
Beth made yummy cucumber sandwiches.

Tay & Gus even made a Prinsesst√•rta {Swedish Princess Cake}
Oh. my. word. It was good.

Beth, me, & Aims enjoying Taylor's wonderful coffee.
I wish we would've got pics of all of us together, but oh well.
We'll always have the memories. ^_^

Aimee remembered that I once mentioned that I've always wanted to try this striped peanut butter & jelly ever since the first time I saw it on the movie Matilda when I was a little girl. Wasn't it just so thoughtful of her to remember? Now all I need is Miss Honey's cottage & my life will be complete. ;)

Beth got me very English gifts as well!
A cast iron scottie dog, yummy buscuits in a cute tin, & wonderful "Cups of Tea" scented lotion.

How cute is this children's book Kelsey gave me.
{I love cute kids' books!}
It's about a little girl who knits sweaters for all and sundry.
Very appropriate, no? ;)
It was such a wonderful party!
I feel so very blessed to have such dear & thoughtful friends & sisters in Christ.
Thanks again girls for all that you did.
Probably my favorite part of the party was after we had all eaten our fill...
(Well, eaten our "stuffed like a sausage about to burst" may be more appropriate.) ;)
we retired to the living room & had a delightful chat.
There's never a lull in the conversation with these dear ones,
and it always ends up centering around the Lord.
Have you ever seen The Great British Bake Off?
{If you have}
Do you have a favorite judge?
What dessert would you most like to try from the show?
Much love,
Miss Michelle ^_^
{Photos with the Delightful Handwork watermark by me. Others by Gus.}