Saturday, May 24, 2014

room re-do...

Having recently rearranged my room
I thought I'd share my favorite bits.
Here is Donna Sue sporting a "new" farm chic frock.
I found it at a coffee shop (of all places!)
Pinned to her frock is this cute tchotchke:
a brooch of mason jars (How cute is that?!)
A gift from my maternal grandma. :)

I left my top shelf pretty much the same.
(Cuz I liked it! :D )
The bottom shelf I did farm themed for the summer. 
My collection of vintage farmy children's books are displayed in a vintage Purina chick feeder!
I scored that sweet thing on a recently antiquing day trip with a dear friend.

A favorite photo of my dear Grandma Lou, seated on a hay mound in 1938.
Oh, how I miss her.
I used to clean for her every week. She had THE BEST stories.

This sweet photo is not of a relative of mine.
It just makes me smile every time I see it.
It kinda reminds me of my daddy & me!

Sweet mornin' sunshine!
Have I ever told y'all I love vintage linens? ;)
(The sheets are actually Simply Shabby Chic, but oh so vintage-y!)
My bedside "table" - a child's chair with stack-o-books.
The first sweet rose of the year.
Isn't it sweet!
Wish I could attach the smell for ya!
Hope you're enjoying this fine weather as much as I!

Friday, May 9, 2014

spring has sprung...

The woods are a breathtaking sight with the redbuds putting on their show.
(My niece Abs thinks that it is just plain wrong to call these trees redbuds when in fact they are pink!)
I just can't get enough of daffs!
Sadly, they are just about done for the year.
I love these little wild violets.
They grow everywhere!
I remember picking them for Mayday gifts when I was a little girl
& we still lived in town.

The chickie-poos are getting big!
This is one of the lil roosters.
He is the lucky one who will get
He's quite friendly (for now at least),
here he is trotting up to say "hello!"
The day of reckoning is coming for the extra roosters,
as well as my impulse buy of meatbirds.
No photos of the meaties.
You wouldn't want to see them any way.
They look like a cross between a chicken & a bulldog.

Here are my newest little feathered friends-
Four sweet little ducklings! ^_^
I'm hoping there are some females in this bunch-
they lay the BEST eggs for baking.

Well that's what I'm up to...
how 'bout you?