Monday, December 8, 2014

two checkmarks on the Christmas knit list...

This little bolero is for my niece Abbey.
Though it's not actually her Christmas present it is to wear on Christmas.
She'll be wearing a lovely off-white dress
that she wore as a flower girl this past summer.
The yarn used is Knit Pick's Wool of the Andes Sport in Hollyberry.
The pattern is a Debbie Bliss pattern for babies
 that I adapted from 12-18 month to fit a 6 year old.
I also added the bobble trim cuz I'm just fond of it! ;)
This next knit is probably the manliest thing I've ever featured on this blog. ;)
For Dad, ever the war history buff.
This "trigger mitt" pattern is from 1951.
Here they are in progress.
And here they are all finished!

Along with a stocking cap made from the 1934 pattern book.
Honestly a stocking cap is a stocking cap. I'm sure the pattern hasn't changed much.
BUT I know the that it's made from a 1934 pattern & that makes me happy. :)


  1. The bolero is adorable! I love the color, it is truly stunning.


    1. Thanks! I thought the color "hollyberry" was quite appropriate from Christmas. :)

  2. The bolero is lovely, I really love the bobble detail around the edges I am sure she will love it! and I am sure your Dad will love his trigger mitts and stocking cap, I am the same with patterns even if there is a modern pattern that looks similar I would much rather knit the original if I can!

    1. Thanks! Oh good! Someone who's as crazy as I. :D I would've been even happier had the trigger mitt pattern been from WW2 instead of the Korean War. But, oh well, still better than modern. :)


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