Friday, December 19, 2014

frosted windowpanes...

The frost this morning was breathtaking.
I just had to attempt to capture it.

 I just love moss.
It's so cute.

Nosy little birds. ;)
Now back to my knitting. :)


  1. That was so purty and I could just smell the coffee waiting back in that cozy kitchen. And I didn't even have to put my coat on! :D

    1. The beauty of frosty weather is doubly dear when you have a warm & cozy home to retreat to! :D Our God is truly an awesome God. Is He not?! Our joy of creating comes from Him - the Creator. I'm finally baking my Christmas cookies this morning, Debbie. I'll sample a few & have a cup of tea just for you! ;) <3

  2. What beautiful images the frosy images are especially stunning!


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