Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

I'll be with my church family for a fun time of fellowship, food, & probably some games.
Afterwards I'll be staying the night at my little sister, Kelsey's, house.
I can't say whether we'll actually make it to midnight...
we're getting to be a couple of old farts.
(Plus she's been potty training'll probably be really tired.)
What are YOU doing New Year's Eve?


  1. new years eve found the hubs and i (along with our faithful companion pooch) home. meat loaf dinner, watched a classic movie, then to bed by 9. we're exciting people. yep. ahhh.. but when midnight struck our dog freaked and remained freaked through to about 2:30, all due to fireworks. illegal ones at that. sighhhhh.

    1. haha! That sounds like a normal night for me. (Apart from the illegal fireworks.) ;) I did end staying up til a few minutes past midnight with my little sister & brother (in-law). We were watching "The Shop Around the Corner" & I actually had to wake them up once. I laughed at a funny & they didn't. Looked over in their direction thinking "Come on guys that was funny!" They were both sitting with their chins sunk down on their chest. haha!


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