Tuesday, May 26, 2015

recent makes...

As promised last week, here is what I've been working on as of late.

That sweet knitted dress for my cousin's baby girl is all done & delivered.
I just love the simplicity of this precious knit.
I used a natural shell button for the back closure to echo this simple design.
I always pick up vintage baby hangers at thrift stores when I come across them. I think they make a fun addition to my handmade gifts.
For the bride & groom:
Mr. & Mrs. Aprons! :)
This is the 3rd set I've made for wedding gifts, and I always try to consider the tastes of the couple in the style & colors used. These are for Taylor & Tanner. She loves bird motifs so this lovely printed cotton was just the ticket. I drafted the pattern I used to make her apron all by myself a few years ago. :D The gathered bodice would have been well nigh impossible to embroider "Mrs." legibly. So, I embroidered it on a piece of ribbon instead. I think it looks rather sweet. :) For Tanner's apron I cheated & bought a plain white apron.
{I tend to leave things to the last minute, so I simply ran out of time.} 
I just embroidered Mr. on it & called it good. It's still a very useful item & they'll look cute as can be wearing them together. {In my humble opinion.}
In other knitting news:
I did finish my Cath Kidston Coloured Victory Jumper, but alas, haven't had a chance to get photos of me in it yet. Plus, it's a wee bit too warm to wear that wooly thing now.
Here is what I'm working on now - my summery pastel cotton version. I started out using this bluish green yarn as the main color, but I wanted it to feel more light & lovely.
So, I started over with pink as the main, and I rather like it. A lot, actually. Plus, I think the white pops more in between the green than it did in the pink.
I find I don't knit nearly as much this time of year as I do in the colder weather.
{Which, I'm sure, is quite common.}
I need to get crackin' so I can wear this cutie before the seasons change again! ;)

Oh, I also made another custom babies don't keep embroidery, and another fox scarf.
Sorry no pics. But! You can see that sweet gal, Jessica, wearing my scarf on her blog, Chronically Vintage. Thanks so much for featuring my little knitted critter, my friend! ^_^

 What have you been working on?

Do you find that you knit less in the warmer weather?

{Photos by this girl!} 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

too busy to blog...

What a week!
It was the sort of week where I was actually so busy living life I had no time to think about blogging. {Which also means I had no time to read all of your lovely posts. I'll remedy that by and by.}
My busy week climaxed with my best friend's wedding. What a lovely wedding it was too! I was her "personal assistant" & I so enjoyed be able to help her in that way. That little task certainly was a gift from the Lord. My busy hands & mind kept the tears away remarkably well.
{I usually cry like a baby at weddings of my dear ones.}
So, in order to keep my blogging schedule promise to myself I'm just dropping you all a quick note so that you know I haven't forgotten you. :)
It seems like this week will be a bit more like normal. Well, maybe. ;)
Thankfully, I was able to hang my wash out on the line yesterday!
{For the first time a couple weeks due to rain.}
I actually did get quite a few projects done too.
I just haven't had the time to photograph them.
So stay tuned for them. :D
{Click on photo for Pinterest source.}

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

a daytrip to a favorite vintage sale & tea room...

One of my favorite things about the warmer weather months are flea markets & vintage sales.
On Saturday I went on a little day trip to Morris, Illinois
with 2 of my sisters, my 2 nieces, & my sisters' Mother-in-law, Jan.
{My sisters married brothers. Don't worry it's legal.} ;)
Morris is just the sweetest little town!
They have oodles of cool shops & boutiques, and the best little tea room.
The reason for this trip was the 3 French Hens Country Market.
Oh, what fun it was! :D
There were loads of vintage delights, crafts, fresh produce,
 & much more at this terrific outdoor market.
I didn't end up buying a thing, {apart from my lunch} but I sure did have a lovely time!

{Posing by a cute vintage bike with my niece Abbey & perusing vintage fashions.}
They had such cute vintage clothes for sale!

The market was located right next to this picturesque canal.

Beth & Abbey bought this cute little wicker umbrella basket thingy.
Kelsey {a former ballerina} can spot tulle from a mile away.
I so wanted to give this adorable dress a nice new home in my closet,
but, alas, it was out of my price range. *sniffle*
Letty Mae's is the sweet little tea shop I mentioned earlier.
I just love it there! Everything is so pretty & vintage.
It's down an alleyway that gives you the feeling of being in Paris - with no plane ticket required!
They were already full inside so we had to sit outside.
I'm so thankful we did! It was such a lovely day.  

A vintage *pink* washing machine being used as a planter. Adorbs!

They serve their beverages in these cute mason jars with paper straws!

Naturally, we all had to have our pictures taken drinking out of said straws.

No attention to detail is spared - note the hankies & doilies sewn onto the umbrellas.

 They serve such yummy {& pretty} food!
 I ordered their tasty chicken salad with strawberries in it!
This chilled strawberry soup is so delish.
After we'd eaten our fill we hit the shops downtown.
A good time was had by all!
Have you been to any flea markets or tea rooms lately?
{Photos by Beth, Jan, & me!}

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

my best friend's wedding shower...

 My bestest good friend, Taylor Ella, is getting married in less than two weeks!
I've known this girl since we were in 3rd grade.
{Though we didn't go to school together, we met at church.}
We didn't actually become friends until the following year.
We, along with two other girls our age, went to a Christian camp for a week.
We had both requested to be in the same cabin as the other two girls.
But, as the Lord would have it, the two of us ended up together in a cabin full of strangers.
Out of necessity we became friends.
Our friendship grew and flourished & the following summer we actually requested to be in the same cabin! Now I'm honored to call her my very best friend {that isn't my sister}.
She is the kind of friend you can text to ask to sing with you on Sunday at church...
the morning you're supposed to sing at church.
Or invite over to help "process" your chickens & ducks.
{Not many friends will do that dirty job.}
And, whenever she comes over to visit me & have coffee
she always brings me something delicious & hot out of the oven to eat.
Such a dear, sweet friend she is.
Now you know I'm not one for words, Taylor Ella.
{You are the wordy one. Sorry I always fell asleep while you were still talking at slumber parties. I guess I took the name literally. You know slumber party.} ;)
I speak with actions...and pictures...and food.
I was so thankful to have the great privileged of being part of the team that put on her shower at our church.
Speaking of food, here are some yummy Cranberry Orange Scones that I made for the shower.
More yummy scones made by her Aunt Jan.
And coffee!

Taylor likes "happy colors" so that's just what these flowers are. :D

We used these sweet vintage luncheonette sets for the tableware.
{We've got oodles of them!} 

Here it is filled with deliciousness.
She's a big fan of coffee. I may or may not be partly responsible for that...
We're big coffee drinkers in my family & whenever Tay would spend the night I'd talk her into trying some. {I know, I'm such a bad influence!} ;) The funny thing is that now she drinks far more coffee than me as I've switched to mostly tea.

A close up of the delicious coffee punch.
{Recipe Here}

She was blessed with lots of lovely gifts.
{Sammy Jo & I doing our best Vanna impersonation.}
{pretty flowers}

The shower crew & the lady of the hour.
{Lynette, (Aunt) Jan, Taylor Ella, Me, Sammy Jo, & Aimee}
Please pardon my tongue sticking out...I must have been talking. *eyeroll*
I'm so looking forward to your wedding day, my dear Taylor!
{Well, sort of. That reminds me I need to buy some waterproof mascara.}
Tanner is truly your perfect match. I'm so happy that the Lord brought you two together.
Marveling at the goodness of our God!
{Photos by Me except the ones I'm in. Those are by Augusta (sister o' the bride), Renee (momma o' the bride), and my Mom.}