Thursday, August 29, 2013

vintage linens

My sister is a garage sale queen.
She recently bought a box FULL of vintage linens for...
one dollar.
She very generously gave me a couple items from said box
which were more my style than hers.
(Isn't she the sweetest thing?!)
Here they are on the line.
The beautiful tablecloth on the right is in perfect shape!
The colors are so vibrant.
Now let's talk about the towel on the left.
This sweet thing is not in such good shape,
but what it lacks in condition
it makes up for in subject matter.
When I first realised what adorned this tea towel
I felt like jumping up & down with excitement.
(Actually...I think...I did.)

There it is. In lovely pastels.
Farmgirl going about their chores in trouser legged overalls.
I'm not quite sure what she's doing in the second row far left...
any ideas?
I think my favorite scene is the 3rd on the top row.
She's on a tractor ladeling a drink of water so generously brought to her by a little girl.
So sweet! :)
What's your favorite scene?


  1. Um, I think she's doing pilates?

    WHAT a find! What a nice sis too! Good for you!! Enjoy!


  2. Oh my goodness it does look much brighter now after a good cleaning!!:) xo can't wait to see what you do with it!!

  3. Doesn't it?! I'll probably just use it as a dresser scarf for now...


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