Tuesday, August 27, 2013

saving seeds

This year I'm attempting to save seeds.
My hollyhocks are loaded with seeds,
so I guess I'll be supplying the whole family. ;)
I wish I would've taken a picture when they were all in bloom.
The mix I bought was from Burpee (see it here),
and I really loved the color comination.

I first heard of this heirloom variety of lettuce seeds in my favorite book series,
the Fairacre series, by Miss Read.
These I also bought from Burpee. (See them here).
I had never saved lettuce seeds before so I was interested to see how they would be.
They each have a little piece of fluff at the top like a dandelion seed.
(Please pardon the weeds in the background. Once it gets over 85 degrees I don't like to leave the air conditioning. ) :P

We'll find out next year if they sprout.

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