Thursday, August 22, 2013


Above is a fairisle yoke sweater that I made for myself a few years back. I'm not exactly sure when. It is from the booklet Land Girls by Debbie Bliss. The original called for stone background with purple & green in the fairisle. I used Knit Picks's Palette in Mist (very light grey), Rosehip (orangey/red), Conch (light coral), Peapod (a rather bright green), & Alfafa (light green).

 Below is my Christmas sweater that I made two years ago this November. The original design, found in Debbie Bliss' Fall/Winter 2011 issue was meant to be done in greys and blacks. It did look very nice like that, but I had this red, green, & natural Paton's Classic Wool in my stash. I added the stripes in the ribbing as well just for fun.
Below is my rendition of Debbie Bliss Shrug from the Spring/Summer 2009 issue of her knitting magazine.
The original pattern called for 7 or 8 balls of her Prima (Viscose/wool) yarn. I happened to find this beautiful coral color of Prima at my LYS when I was there on my birthday. I had to have it! ^_^ So I searched through my hoarded magazines and came across this pattern. The original called for 3/4 length sleeves which I replaced with these fluttery cap sleeves, of my own design, with cute bobble edging. Also the ribbing around the perimeter was meant to be quite a bit wider, but this is all that I could do with the yarn I had. I'm quite pleased with the results. The vintage-y style goes with at least two of my summer dresses! 
Having recently started using Ravelry.
 I've been taking pictures of some of my recent (& not so recent) knits.
 I thought I'd share them here on my blog as well since I haven't posted for such a long time.

In personal news:
 Since I was last on here I now have two new nephews, James & Jack, to knit for (in addition to my 7 year old nephew & 4 year old niece). I'll post some pics of their upcoming knitted gifts as soon as they are finished.

Well that's all for now!
~Miss Michelle ^_^ 


  1. Hey you! I'm stalking your blog this morning and I'm a new follower. Your work is wonderful. I got your comments on my gmail acct, but can't get them to show up on my blog no matter how many times I push publish. Thanks for commenting though, and let's keep in touch.

    1. Hey Debbie! I'm hoping to get back into blogging so I do hope to keep up with you. :) I'm working on something for your sweet little grandbaby & almost finished!

  2. I'm so glad I found someone who has knitted the Debbie Bliss land girl fair isle yoke sweater. I am on the last bit, the front neck shaping before I move the the circular needles and I can't make the pattern work. Ive been over and over it, but it doesnt seem to work. Did you have the same problem, if not it must be me! I thought perhaps the pattern was wrong? Any advice greatly appreciated, if I can't work the neck out I'm stuck and the whole thing will be wasted.


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