Monday, August 26, 2013

hand pies

I made these for my grampa (Papa)'s birthday party on Sunday.
I've always thought hand pies were just too cute,
and had to give them a try.
I made them with cherries that I had canned, last year, from our own tree!
I just get a kick out of making things as "from scratch" as possible.

*Home canned cherries & my chicken's eggs*

To roll the crust out to the required dimensions I used a ruler & marker on the underneath of the parchment I rolled the dough out on. 
 I found the recipe in the September issue of Martha Stewart Living.
Their recipe called for fresh berries. I think they may not have oozed out so bad if the cherries I used had been fresh. The crust recipe they suggested I did use, but I would not use it again. It was a butter crust, which I do like, but I have a tried and true pie crust recipe that my Grandma gave me. It uses lard. I know most people would shudder at the thought of using something they would see as so bad for you. But honestly it's natural, I could make it myself, in my own kitchen, no laboratory required. Unlike vegetable shortening with its partially hydrogenated blah blah blah.
I want to try making some meat pies in this way rather like Cornish pasties. It seems to me that it would be very practical picnic food. :)
If you're interested you can find the recipe for Grandma Linda's Lard Pie Crust on my old blog.

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  1. I'd be interested in coming over and helping you by tasting whatever you decide to bake. Hey, someone has to do it. Right? It isn't fair to let your sisters have all the fun! :D

  2. Actually, I could use a taste tester. People in my house are always on a diet. ;) Come over anytime!

  3. They were delicious Michelle!

  4. Thanks! I'm guessing this is Aunt Liz since you pinned this too! :D


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