Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Great British Birthday Party

This post is a little later than normal, but still on Tuesday...
so it totally counts for keeping to my blogging schedule.
Well, yesterday morning I awoke without a clue as to what I was even going to write about for this week's post. I normally have a few ideas to choose from, and have already started on it by that point.
So, I just went about my business of the day hoping something would come to mind.
I did my laundry.
{Not too blog worthy. I've already shared my love for line dried sheets & wicker laundry baskets several times here.}
I had a dentist appointment for an impression for my permanent crown for the tooth which had to have the implant done.
{Definitely NOT blog worthy.}
My sister Aimee went with me since we had made plans to go to our friend Taylor's house for a cup of coffee and a nice visit after my appointment.
We ended up having a little extra time before we were expected there so we grabbed a bite to eat at DQ & stopped by HomeGoods to see if there was anything we just had to have.
Didn't end up buying anything. Which is just fine. Plus we'll be going back next Monday since it's my {30th!} birthday.
So, we arrived at Taylor's house & through the big window next to her front door I spied some Union Jack bunting hanging in her dining room.
My first thought was "Aww, that sweetie must've decorated for us coming to visit."
When we stepped inside we were greeted by shouts of "SURPRISE!" & out popped not only Taylor, but her sister Gus and my other sisters Beth & Kelsey! (As well as baby Joel!)
Needless to say I was surprised. ;)

These gals sure know how to put together a theme.
They did The Great British Bake Off.
A mutual favorite of ours.
Plus they know how much of an anglophile I am. ^_^

If you've even seen the show you will immediately recognize the red gingham tablecloth.
Our place cards were our photos just like the contestants on the show have behind their bakes.

There were beautiful cottage garden flowers.
{I'm guessing from Gus' garden.}
Beth made yummy cucumber sandwiches.

Tay & Gus even made a Prinsesstårta {Swedish Princess Cake}
Oh. my. word. It was good.

Beth, me, & Aims enjoying Taylor's wonderful coffee.
I wish we would've got pics of all of us together, but oh well.
We'll always have the memories. ^_^

Aimee remembered that I once mentioned that I've always wanted to try this striped peanut butter & jelly ever since the first time I saw it on the movie Matilda when I was a little girl. Wasn't it just so thoughtful of her to remember? Now all I need is Miss Honey's cottage & my life will be complete. ;)

Beth got me very English gifts as well!
A cast iron scottie dog, yummy buscuits in a cute tin, & wonderful "Cups of Tea" scented lotion.

How cute is this children's book Kelsey gave me.
{I love cute kids' books!}
It's about a little girl who knits sweaters for all and sundry.
Very appropriate, no? ;)
It was such a wonderful party!
I feel so very blessed to have such dear & thoughtful friends & sisters in Christ.
Thanks again girls for all that you did.
Probably my favorite part of the party was after we had all eaten our fill...
(Well, eaten our "stuffed like a sausage about to burst" may be more appropriate.) ;)
we retired to the living room & had a delightful chat.
There's never a lull in the conversation with these dear ones,
and it always ends up centering around the Lord.
Have you ever seen The Great British Bake Off?
{If you have}
Do you have a favorite judge?
What dessert would you most like to try from the show?
Much love,
Miss Michelle ^_^
{Photos with the Delightful Handwork watermark by me. Others by Gus.}


  1. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! ♡ Tay and Gus sure know how to throw a party! I could use another piece of that cake right now. ;-) Hmmm...I've never seen the show, but I'm always game for anything CHOCOLATE!!!

    1. They sure do, Aims! Mmm, me too. It was so yummy. Chocolate is always the answer, I don't care what the question is. ;)

  2. What fun! It looks like you had a wonderful time. They are so thoughtful. ♥

    1. It was a wonderful time, Anne! I feel so blessed. ^_^

  3. Wow! This looks like such a fun surprise party! Happy Birthday!! : )

  4. What a fantastic day you had! And by the way, Happy Birthday! Those 0 birthdays are sobering aren't they? I've had exactly twice as many as you have, so rest easy. You'll always be 'kiddo' to me. :D
    I have never seen that show unfortunately. But I assume your friend did an excellent job of the decor and cake, and who should bring cucumber sandwiches but the gal who has all the gardens. Some really sweet gifts there. I'm thankful for you young ladies who show such a love for Christ to one another, as it should be and so seldom is. "Good people will attract good company." And I hope we do that really soon too. Love to all!

    1. Thank you, Debbie! They are a bit sobering.
      They DID do an excellent job on the décor. They're such clever girls. ^_^ Everything was so wonderful. :D
      Love to you!

  5. such a beautiful celebration for a beautiful woman. :)
    hAppiest of birthdays, dear heart. ♥


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