Sunday, September 8, 2013

ballerina sweater

I've made quite a few gifts from this pattern by Debbie Bliss.
This is the most recent one I've made.
I made it for my friend Angela's sweet little girl.
I added a fabric yo-yo because Ang enjoys a bit of farmgirl chic just like me. :)

I used Knit Picks' Comfy sport in Flamingo.
Here it is all wrapped & ready to go!
Sometimes wrapping things up is just as much fun as making the item. :)


  1. I want one for me!!;) #hint hint adorable and you always do such a marvelous job!! Tres chic!!

  2. Michelle!!!!! Yay!!!! What a beautiful heirloom that we'll treasure forever! Thank you so so so so much! ~Ang :D

  3. Michelle, I'm in receipt of it this very afternoon! I was looking for your email address to thank you but couldn't find it so ran here as fast as I could! THANK YOU OH SO MUCH! It's LOVELY!!! It will look so nice on Ivy with her coloring! I'll send a proper thank you soon...but rest assured it all arrived in tip top condition!

  4. Oh, I'm so happy you like it! (& that it arrived safely) Enjoy! :) Ps my email addy is 4 the birdies at gmail dot com. (no spaces)


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