Sunday, September 29, 2013

babies don't keep

I made this embroidery for my friend Sammy Jo.
She is a foster mother & we just had a "Celebration of Motherhood" luncheon for her.
(A baby shower of sorts.)
Instead of giving the normal baby shower gifts of clothing & baby essentials
she requested that we bring certain items to be put in backpacks and donated to their foster care agency.
This was such a neat idea!
She wanted nothing for herself.
But she should've known that was out of the question. ;)
The party coordinator had the idea for us to 
 give her a 'token of motherhood' to show our love for her.
Some of the suggestions given were: a small gift card for a meal or pampering experience, a note of encouragement, or something handmade.
Well, naturally, she had me at 'handmade'. :) 
I'd recently seen this little poem on Pinterest
and it reminded me that Mom had said she had a little plaque with this sweet quotation.
I thought it would be appropriate for either a birth mom, a foster mom, or adoptive mom.
I've already had demands  requests from my sisters for one of their own.
I'm planning on stitching some up for the shop.
Feel free to email me if you want to request one with custom colors. 


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