Friday, June 10, 2016

the ol' barter system...

A little while back my friend Gus told me there was a sweater pattern she had found that she absolutely adored and wondered if she could pay me to make it for her.
To me it seemed perfect timing because I was just thinking about asking her if she'd make a piece of art for me. She is a pastel artist & you can see her awesome work on her blog Joyous Touch Art Studio. She's done some pretty amazing cows that are just the cutest thing.
So, we agreed to employ the ol' barter method.
Exchanging skills with no money changing hands.
Win-win if you ask me.
So, to Pinterest we went to give her an idea of what sort of painting {er...pasteling?} I wanted.
I knew I wanted a cottage.
I started pinning oodles of old cottage paintings on our board
I love old pastoral scenes too so I made sure to mention that.
I was so very pleased with what she came up with!
I named it "Michelle's Cottage Dream" ^_^ complete with chickens & sheep & sunflowers. And a little creek with a bridge! I didn't even know I wanted that, but of course now I do. ;)
She took all the elements I love from those old paintings & added to them her own personal flair & cheery style which I so love. The size she made it is so charming as well. So very much like an antique pastoral scene. I couldn't be more pleased with it!
Now as to that sweater...
I used the Levenwick pattern by Gudrun Johnston.
It was quite simple to follow & was knit mostly in the round. (Which was really nice because the finishing work is my least favorite part about knitting and there were very few seams to sew up!) I just love the style of this unique sweater & wouldn't mind making one for myself. Lol! I'll just add that to the list. ;P
I love the beautiful teal-ish green yarn she picked & the big red buttons! The pictures simply do not do the color justice.
Thinking back I think it may have been well over a year now since we first had this bright idea.
Wow, time flies.
All in all a very good trade me thinks. ^-^
{The 1st and 2nd photos were borrowed from Gus. Thanks girl!}


  1. Your friend's artwork is beautiful! What a terrific idea to barter! The sweater you knit is fabulous, it is such a unique style.

  2. You gals are some talented ladies!!😱👊🏻

  3. L❤VE the pastel & the sweater! You are both so talented! 🐑<---you 🎨<---Gus

  4. You are both wonderful artists! What a good idea to swap your talents. I think you both got something exceptional. That is the picture I'd have chosen too.


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