Tuesday, August 4, 2015

sorry for the silence...

Well, didja miss me? ; )
My sincerest apologies for the unannounced blogging break.
I've just been a wee bit distracted as of late.
Here is my distraction.
His name is Caleb & he's pretty much my favorite. :} Actually, yeah, he is.
He's stinkin' cute & super funny {he gets my stupid humor}...
 but best of all he loves the Lord.
As for that whole summer fun thing.
I've managed to mark a few things off my to-do list.
The above photos were taken at our local carnival.
It rained pretty much the whole time which made for a fun photo op with my vintage umbrella.
I still haven't quite found my words again yet...
but I'm assuming they'll return to me by & by.
I'm just excited to see where God is leading.
I've been keeping my hands busy with various things.
My sister Beth commissioned some crazy colored cozies for her fridge & microwave handles.
Here I am on the 4th of July sewing on the buttons {in Beth's adorable kitchen} whilst my niece Abbey watches intently.
I think it's about time that girl had some sewing lessons. : )
On a side note:
I'm now on Instagram!
Follow me? ^-^

{Photos by my sister Aimee & my friend Kat} 


  1. Michelle,

    I was so glad to see your post this morning! I have been thinking of you. : ) I am so excited to hear about Caleb! You two are a lovely couple!!


  2. I'm glad you're back, but pleased for you on your handsome distraction! I do hope you'll post more for I do love to hear from you. That is an adorable kitchen, from what I can see, and yes! Every little girl should have sewing lessons!

  3. What joy to read your posts again! What a lovely couple you both make :0) blessings. :0)

  4. Oh, Miss Michelle! How exciting for you! He looks very sweet and kindhearted. I pray God blesses you two with a happy future together if it's His will! You both look adorable! Take care, sweet thing!

  5. Now I know where you've been ~ what a cute couple! :-)
    God bless you both ♥

  6. You two are such a cute couple. Glad you're back. :)

  7. I DID miss you, Michelle!! I was thrilled to see a new post from you.
    CONGRATULATIONS!! :) How exciting for you! You two make an adorable couple.
    Have a lovely week! I can't wait to see where the Lord leads!! :)

  8. what a nice summer surprise to see a post from you...
    and what a sweet distraction .. and worthy of your time. :)
    bless you dearly.

  9. aw what a great distraction to have too! Your outfit is adorable.

  10. It sounds as though you had a great summer. The pictures are adorable and you look very happy. Thank you for sharing and have a blessed day.

  11. Hi sweet Michelle! I have thought of you often over the summer months and I was so happy to come across this post and learn that you are well :) Summer days are always so busy! I am looking forward to the slow delightful days of Autumn.

    My, you and Caleb are simply darling! All the best to the both of you, my friend :) Wishing you a lovely September. Hugs!

  12. Thank you all for your sweet comments! I thoroughly enjoyed reading each & every one. What lovely friends you all are. ^_^

  13. You two are so darling together! I hope that you continued to have a stellar summer and that all is well with your relationship.

    I've been thinking about you lately, honey, and just wanted to pop by to wish you a marvelous and very happy autumn.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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