Tuesday, April 28, 2015

what would Beatrix wear?

Hello there, my dear ones!
As I mentioned in my previous post we've been enjoying somewhat cooler Springtime weather lately. This sort of cool & rainy weather always makes me think of Beatrix Potter. I like to imagine that this is what the weather she experienced in her beloved Lake District was like.

My apparel is oft times inspired by the weather.
{And I don't just mean by what the mercury reads - though that is a big factor.}
Say it's the middle of Summer & the sort of day you could envision yourself at a county fair eating funnel cake, sipping a lemon shake-up, & admiring the livestock.
I'll go for the farmgirl goes to town look. {Think Jeanne Crain in State Fair}
Or if it's a crisp Autumnal day fit for an apple picking. A couple scenes from
Anne of Green Gables might ramble around in my head and spark an outfit idea.
Or if it's a bitterly cold day of Winter when the sun hides behind clouds & the wind whips relentlessly through the barren branches, I may wear an ensemble that heavily features wool
inspired by Helen from All Creatures Great & Small.

Well, good ol' Beatrix was the inspiration for this particular ensemble.
I thought to myself as I smiled out the window at the delightfully gloomy grey sky,
"What would Beatrix wear if she'd been born in this time?"
Here is my answer. :)

A feminine hairstyle, wooly goodness, & earthtones combine for a look that is unmistakably Beatrix.
Outfit details:
~*~ Dress: Thrifted ~*~
~*~ Sweater: Handmade by me ~*~
~*~ Tights: Wal-Mart ~*~
~*~ Shoes: Thrifted {Clarks} ~*~
~*~ Necklace & Earrings: LC Lauren Conrad from Kohls {No longer available} ~*~
~*~ Scarf {in hair}: Thrifted ~*~

I think Mr. McGregor would heartily approve of my little trowel earrings. I'm so fond of Kohls' Lauren Conrad jewelry. Well, lots of the clothing too, but the jewelry in particular. Her jewelry is always so delicate & lovely. It more often than not will be rather kitschy too! I have a necklace with an antique sewing machine charm, pink ladybug earrings, vintage camera earrings, & a little pink teacup on a necklace - just to name a few! Since I love to play in the dirt er garden I get quite a kick out of these little trowels dangling from my ears. ;)
These brown suede oxford booties were quite a find for just $3 at my favorite thrift store. Oddly enough they are not my size, {a size & a half too small} but they fit quite well & are very comfortable. Perhaps they are incorrectly sized & that's how such a nice pair of shoes found themselves at a thrift store. In any case I'm so grateful to have them. I think they lend themselves well to the 1930s look in addition to my Beatrix attire.

My brown wool cabled cardigan is so snuggly warm. It was my very first cable project - made around 5 years ago. It's made of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in Nature's Brown using this pattern. (I never made the sash that is supposed to go with it. I just wear it open.) It's a terribly useful sweater & I wear it quite a lot in the coldest weather. Having already acclimated to the warmer weather we had been having I was thankful to be able to pull out this old friend to chase the chills away.

While I had the camera out I simply couldn't resist taking pictures of the lilacs & the chickens.
You don't mind do you?
The chickens always hastily run up to the fence when they see me coming - they must assume I come bearing food. Unfortunately for them I only came bearing that shiny black doohickey that makes beeping sounds this time. That's Freckles the Speckled Sussex, Pepper the Barred Rock, & Oswald the Rooster {I think he's an Ameraucana, but I'm not sure.} You can just see Philippa the Ameraucana in the background & the ducks at a safe distance. They still don't quite trust me as they were a few weeks old by the time I got them from a friend.

I think one reason I really find a kindred spirit in Beatrix is because of her love for the country.
I recently watched the episode of The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends featuring The Tale of Johnny Town-mouse. The story is the classic tale of a town mouse & a country mouse experiencing each other's way of living & each much preferring their own.  One line {a direct quote from the book} at the end of that sweet little cartoon caught my attention.


 "One place suits one person, another place suits another person.
For my part I prefer to live in the country, like Timmy Willie."
~Beatrix Potter - The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse

To which I give a hearty "Hear, hear!"
Much like Beatrix, I wasn't raised in the country. I lived in a small town until I was 17. When we moved to the country I just felt it was home. {Though, I loved that little town & still do.} Perhaps it is because I have Farmer in my blood on my Mom's side that I love the country so...

Well, I'm planning this as an ongoing post series to feature other
"what would         wear?" outfits every so often.
More than likely featuring some of the aforementioned characters!
Does the weather inspire your attire?
Is there a person or character you're particularly inspired by?

Do you prefer the town or the country?
{Photos by me. Taken sheepishly with the timer.
 Hoping my family wasn't looking out the window & rolling their eyes.}


  1. Oh, what a lovely, lovely outfit, Michelle!! You look positively beautiful, as always. I actually don't know much at all about Beatrix Potter, shockingly enough!
    I just adore your sweater! It looks SO warm and comfy. The dress is so pretty too - I love the colors; so perfect for spring! I'm exceedingly jealous of those shoes too! My trusty white oxford heels just bit the dust, (a crack all of the way across in the sole), so I am on the hunt for some comfortable but cute vintage-y shoes!
    Your hair is SO beautiful! I used to do that hairdo all of the time before I got it cut! It looks absolutely lovely on you.
    Beautiful, inspiring outfit and post, Michelle!! I've been looking forward to it all weekend.

    P.S. I can relate to the "Hoping my family wasn't looking out the window & rolling their eyes" situation. Whenever I'm taking pictures on my own, I'm usually smiling while the camera takes the picture, and then shooting spontaneous scowls at the house in between times just in case. ;)

    1. Thanks so much, sweet girl! :)
      What?! You must watch the movie Miss Potter. And read all of her delightful children's books. And you must watch the BBC cartoons of her books. {Not necessarily in that order.}
      I was so thrilled when I found these shoes! It can be hard to find vintage appropriate shoes without paying an arm & a leg. How sad about you white oxford heels - they were so cute!
      This hairstyle is so quick & easy. I have oodles of scarfs that I could use too so I think I'll be doing this a lot.
      haha! Glad I'm not the only one who self-consciously takes self portraits. ;)

  2. I LOVE this post! And yes, that is SO Beatrix Potter!! Sweet. :-)) Next on our list of places to visit in England is the Lake District where Beatrix Potter's farm is located. What a delight it would be to visit there. Anyway, this is lovely and I'm feeling a little covetous over that barred rock. I've wanted chickens for such a long time, and if I could only be convinced that we wouldn't get a rat invasion, I'd go ahead with the project. In fact, I just bought a book on various types of chicken coops, so I am getting a bit closer. LOL Have a wonderful day. Love your outfit! AND, I'm your newest follower.

    1. Thank you! Oh, how I would love to visit Hill Top Farm {well, England in general really}.
      I highly recommend hen keeping to anyone who would like to. :D I thoroughly enjoy my feathered friends. I've never had rats. Oh dear, I really hope I never do. Eek!
      Welcome to my blog & thanks for following. Thanks also for your sweet comment. :)

  3. Such a delightful post Michelle! I just love your outfit. It looks so cozy and feminine! I am definitely a country girl! I have always lived in the country, and can't imagine living anywhere else. : ) Your sweater is lovely. Lion Brand's Fisherman yarns are a favorite of mine. I use them often to knit shawls. Your chickens and lilacs truly were some added sunshine to my day!!

    1. Thank you, Sarah, my fellow country girl! :) I really do like the Fisherman Wool it's a really good value & so authentic. I love when I'm knitting with it and a little piece of bracken is caught in the yarn. :D You can tell it's the real deal.
      Thanks for your sweet comment, dear friend. IT brought sunshine to MY day! ^_^

  4. Absolutely lovely outfit and lovely post, too.

  5. is your dress linen? i adore linen. love everything about your outfit and this post. i watch the movie of beatrix potter fairly often and you've just reminded me it's been a while.. :)

    1. It definitely has a linen feel to it, Sherry. It doesn't have fiber content label so I can only guess by the feel. I think it's a linen blend - maybe with some rayon. :) I love linen too!
      I just love the movie Miss Potter. I also have the soundtrack to it & it is delightful as well. I highly recommend it. ^_^ Thanks for your sweet comment.

  6. Absolutely delightful and very inspiring! This promises to be a fun, original series!
    BTW, I love your hair up do! It really suits you!
    Enjoy your day!

    1. Thanks so much, Christine! I'm really excited to see how this series plays out.
      I found this pin on Pinterest to do my hair do. It was so simple! :)

  7. You look beautiful! Like you, I wear my woolens pretty much throughout Spring, especially if I am in the garden :0) the dress is just darling...easy to make I think :D have a blessed day Michelle :0) mari

    1. Thank you, Mari! I just love woolens - so cozy & wonderful.
      I do think this dress would be SO simple to make. I should use it as a pattern to make more! :D

  8. Lovely post! And great attire to salute Beatrix Potter. I have no real preference for town or country as I like both, each in their own way. Xxxxxx Leah

    1. Thank you, Leah! :) How true that both town & country have their own special qualities that make them wonderful. :D

  9. I found your blog through Stephanie's linky party. I am enchanted with your blog. LOVE your outfit. I think we may be kindred spirits. Very nice to meet you! Gina

    1. Welcome to my little blog, Gina! It's so nice to have you here. Isn't Stephanie's blog & linky party the best? How nice to meet another kindred spirit. :D

  10. Hi my sweet niece,
    Just love this blog...actually all your writings! What a wonderful ability God has blessed you with!
    Love you!
    Aunt Paula

  11. It's definitely a Potter look! Love it, and you did a beautiful job on the cardigan.
    I grew up in "town", but have been in the country for decades, and I'm definitely a country girl.
    Beatrix Potter is one of my favorites! I love Peter and all of his friends. :-)
    Lovely post ♥

    1. Thank you, Anne! :) Peter and all of Miss Potter's sweet creatures are just the dearest things, are they not?!

  12. Good morning, dearest Michelle! It is always with great anticipation that I visit you for you and your blog are always such a delight :)

    May I just say that you look extra lovely in your feminine and sweet outfit. Beatrix would most definitely approve, my friend :) I fell in love with your shoes and your hair is simply divine! Also, the sweater you made is gorgeous! You are very talented.

    I am looking forward to more posts like this, sweet Michelle. It's always a joy to have you at Roses of Inspiration - thanks for sharing. Hugs!

    1. You are simply the sweetest thing, Stephanie, thank you! Hugs to you as well! :)

  13. Michelle, you look ADORABLE in that outfit! I think Beatrix would be proud. I am also a country mouse and totally relate to Timmy Willie. If only we could use a leaf for an umbrella like he did. *sigh*

    Did you know that the voice of the town mouse was Hugh Laurie's (Bertie on Jeeves and Wooster)? He did a fantastic job, I think!

    Thank you for this lovely, lovely post, dear Michelle! It was quite a treat!

    Btw, have you ever seen 84 Charing Cross Rd.? I think you'd like it. Great movie!

    1. Thanks Kimberly! :) Oh, I too wish we could use a leaf as an umbrella. haha!

      I DID notice that Hugh Laurie was the voice of Johnny Town-mouse. I was watching it and thought "That sounds like Bertie!" Funnily enough we've been watching Jeeves & Wooster again lately. :)

      I'll have to look up that movie!

  14. Hello dear Michelle

    That's exactly what I imagine Beatrix would wear in her beloved Lake District.
    The dress fabric looks like it came from her era, seems it is a slubby linen and the soft rose pattern is beautiful!
    BUT it's your booties I adore - they are perfect and I love the colour of the tights you're wearing too - a perfect match!

    Your cable cardigan is a work of art - clever girl!
    I'm a country mouse as well even though I live in a city now, I was country born and bred.

    A lovely post sweet Michelle!

  15. I think this is a lovely idea and I also think you got it spot on I could totally see Miss B wearing this ensemble, its just lovely! And those earrings are just the best, perfect for a bit of garden pottering!!!

  16. Terrifically lovely post and source of outfit inspiration. I always picture Bea's world as being calm and gentle, filled with muted tones, long walks in dewy grass, and the very sorts of garments and accessories you've sported here.

    Big hugs & the happiest start of May wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. That's quite how I picture her world myself. :)
      Thanks for your sweet comment, Jessica.

  17. Oh, I can't describe how much I enjoyed this gorgeous 'Beatrix' inspired post, dear Michelle! From your lovely outfit to your darling trowel earrings (too cute!) To the sweet chickens...all was my 'cup of tea'... I am such a country girl and I am thus very fortunate to live in the country...:)
    I was recently in the city for 3 weeks, and my goodness! I felt so cooped up and kept dreaming of beautiful open spaces... *happy sigh*
    Miss Potter inspires me so much and I just love the movie they made of her life...I even have the soundtrack to listen to when I just need a bit of 'Beatrix Inspiration'!
    Just to say how I love visiting your blog...it is so peaceful and girly!
    Hugs and love!

    1. Thank you, my fellow country gal! :D
      I love the movie Miss Potter & the soundtrack is one of my very favorites!


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