Wednesday, January 7, 2015

my day...

Listening to a little bit of this...
This album cover just cracks me up.
Of course the first thing that caught my attention was her lovely dress.
But, aside to that note the blatantly artificial lawn & that bird!
I actually rather like the album though.
It's just instrumental & has that indescribable mid-century orchestra sound.
(You know with that screechy string section?)
Enjoying the delightful scent of this candle...
It's one of those Woodwick candles that makes that wonderfully crackly sound whilst it burns.
And(!) The name is delightful as well "Victorian Bouquet" - very aptly named.
Look what the postman (well postlady actually) brought me today!
The rest of my She & Him records! YAY!
So that's actually what I'm listening to now.
(Actually, I still have their newest album "Classics" coming. I got it in the same order as Volume 3, but it was warped so a replacement is on it's way. Yay Amazon!)
Tired of seeing snow pictures yet?
Well that's unfortunate because here are a few I took yesterday morning. ;)

The only Christmas décor still up around here are these lights.
I just had to turn them on with tree all adorable covered in snow.
Can you blame me?
The moon was still visible in the photo below.
Can you see it?

The little hill down to the chicken coop.
I had to take a picture of that pristine snow.
Just moments after this was taken it was dashed through by my clunky boot-clad feet.
I have to do this sort of shuffle-run to keep from landing on my bottom on the way down. ;)

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Stay warm!


  1. Hi Michelle,

    Looks like a fun day! I love to enjoy a cozy, snowy day. Montavoni is a favorite in my family. My husband introduced me to his music and we have several of his records. Montavoni's cover art generally is a little corny. : )


    1. Hello Sarah!
      It WAS a fun day. It didn't get much above 0 degrees so I was thankful to be able to stay in most of the day. I had never heard Montavoni before, but the cover intrigued me & it was only a dollar. :) I'll have to keep an eye out for more now.

  2. when i was girl age (rather than menopausal age) we had a hi-fi to play records and listen to the am radio. we also had a party line telephone. it was no party - we shared the use of the phone. in a day of electronic overkill, i miss the old days. ;)

    1. Sometimes it seems like electronics just make life more difficult - the opposite of their intended purpose.
      I didn't grow up in the time of party lines, but I did grow up in the time of one landline phone for the whole house. (And you had to ask Momma before you could use it.) :)


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