Saturday, May 24, 2014

room re-do...

Having recently rearranged my room
I thought I'd share my favorite bits.
Here is Donna Sue sporting a "new" farm chic frock.
I found it at a coffee shop (of all places!)
Pinned to her frock is this cute tchotchke:
a brooch of mason jars (How cute is that?!)
A gift from my maternal grandma. :)

I left my top shelf pretty much the same.
(Cuz I liked it! :D )
The bottom shelf I did farm themed for the summer. 
My collection of vintage farmy children's books are displayed in a vintage Purina chick feeder!
I scored that sweet thing on a recently antiquing day trip with a dear friend.

A favorite photo of my dear Grandma Lou, seated on a hay mound in 1938.
Oh, how I miss her.
I used to clean for her every week. She had THE BEST stories.

This sweet photo is not of a relative of mine.
It just makes me smile every time I see it.
It kinda reminds me of my daddy & me!

Sweet mornin' sunshine!
Have I ever told y'all I love vintage linens? ;)
(The sheets are actually Simply Shabby Chic, but oh so vintage-y!)
My bedside "table" - a child's chair with stack-o-books.
The first sweet rose of the year.
Isn't it sweet!
Wish I could attach the smell for ya!
Hope you're enjoying this fine weather as much as I!


  1. As usual, I'm admiring your wonderful collection. You have a knack for spying out the best little pieces. Charming!
    Had such a good time on our day trip. Let's do that again soon!

  2. Thanks Debbie! It was SUCH fun! Hope to see you soon. :)


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