Saturday, December 7, 2013

deck the halls...

Well I completely skipped Autumn on my poor bloggy!
It was a very good one this year. It seemed to last and last.
We did all the Fall-ish things that had to be done.
I am very fond of Autumn, but I have to admit...
I'm one of those crazies who love Winter.
Warm woolens, hot drinks, spicy scented baked goodies, a fire in the hearth, and a flickering candle...
but most of all - Christmas!
(Which involves all of the aforementioned assets but added to the list: caroling at the top of your lungs, feverishly knitting objects for gifts, and decking the halls, to list just a few.)

This beautiful wardrobe is a new addition to my room. (Thanks Dad!)

I want to put some greenery in the pitcher.

I don't know who is in this old pic, but don't you just LOVE their 20's style?!

This vintage-y deer is from Target

Hey Sweet Thang!

My favorite Shiny Brite

This fabulous Ladies Home Journal came from an Antique Mall for $2! Woo-hoo!


  1. Oh my gracious goodness I love it all!!:) and I'm right with ya... Christmas is complete wonderful magicalness


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