Friday, July 20, 2012

Princess seams

i don't really think of myself as a *princess* kinda gal.
i'm not crazy about tiaras & i'm only mildly amused by glitter covered objects...
(though i am a bit of  very much an anglophile...i'm more in love with English cottages than the monarchy)
i do, however, love princess seams...
this dress was meant to have sleeves and a collar.
unfortunately, i didn't have enough fabric.
i rather like it as is....makes me think WW2 fashion!
 i used binding around the armhole...
i'm really hoping i can get more of this fabric to make something for the Shop!

~Miss Michelle ^_^


  1. Ang here! Email me and I'll invite you to view my now private blog, if you want. retro farm wife at gmail...

  2. ANG! Yes please! (An email is soon to be on it's way!)


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