Tuesday, May 26, 2015

recent makes...

As promised last week, here is what I've been working on as of late.

That sweet knitted dress for my cousin's baby girl is all done & delivered.
I just love the simplicity of this precious knit.
I used a natural shell button for the back closure to echo this simple design.
I always pick up vintage baby hangers at thrift stores when I come across them. I think they make a fun addition to my handmade gifts.
For the bride & groom:
Mr. & Mrs. Aprons! :)
This is the 3rd set I've made for wedding gifts, and I always try to consider the tastes of the couple in the style & colors used. These are for Taylor & Tanner. She loves bird motifs so this lovely printed cotton was just the ticket. I drafted the pattern I used to make her apron all by myself a few years ago. :D The gathered bodice would have been well nigh impossible to embroider "Mrs." legibly. So, I embroidered it on a piece of ribbon instead. I think it looks rather sweet. :) For Tanner's apron I cheated & bought a plain white apron.
{I tend to leave things to the last minute, so I simply ran out of time.} 
I just embroidered Mr. on it & called it good. It's still a very useful item & they'll look cute as can be wearing them together. {In my humble opinion.}
In other knitting news:
I did finish my Cath Kidston Coloured Victory Jumper, but alas, haven't had a chance to get photos of me in it yet. Plus, it's a wee bit too warm to wear that wooly thing now.
Here is what I'm working on now - my summery pastel cotton version. I started out using this bluish green yarn as the main color, but I wanted it to feel more light & lovely.
So, I started over with pink as the main, and I rather like it. A lot, actually. Plus, I think the white pops more in between the green than it did in the pink.
I find I don't knit nearly as much this time of year as I do in the colder weather.
{Which, I'm sure, is quite common.}
I need to get crackin' so I can wear this cutie before the seasons change again! ;)

Oh, I also made another custom babies don't keep embroidery, and another fox scarf.
Sorry no pics. But! You can see that sweet gal, Jessica, wearing my scarf on her blog, Chronically Vintage. Thanks so much for featuring my little knitted critter, my friend! ^_^

 What have you been working on?

Do you find that you knit less in the warmer weather?

{Photos by this girl!} 


  1. You are so creative! And thoughtful too. I'll have to try that. :D

  2. What a gorgeous little knitted dress! I love your Victory jumper - I have had my eye on that pattern for a while. But currently working on a jumper from a 1934 Stitchcraft. Love the colours in the pastel version.

    1. Thank you, Jayne! I'm really pleased with the way my pastel victory jumper is turning out. :)

  3. Love the sweater :) I agree…the white pops better against the green. you'll look cute in it. ;)

  4. Beautiful Miss Michelle...just beautiful :0) mari

  5. The little dress is so sweet, and look very soft! I love knitted or crocheted baby dresses, they are a great way to keep little ones cozy. The aprons are lovely! Embroidering "Mrs." on the ribbon was ingenious!

  6. Hello, sweet Michelle! I don't knit, but I embroider, and I'm afraid my yard has seen more action than my latest quilt square. But that's okay. When the heat of summer comes I'll want some cool inside things to do and that will be one of them.

    Your aprons are incredibly sweet. I love the embroidered touches. I hope they do lots of cooking together in them! And that baby gown is just adorable! Your shell button adds just the right touch. You are such a talented lady!

    Have a lovely weekend, my dear!

  7. Oh my, my! What darling things you've been working on of late, dear Miss Michelle! I am in love with that gorgeous baby girl jersey and the aprons are too sweet:). I love how you embroidered 'Mrs' and 'Mr' - awww!
    I am sure your bestie adored her wedding gift and will smile every time she dons her lovely handmade apron and sets to work in her new kitchen. Aren't handmade gifts the best...?
    Your knitting is really fabulous - you truly inspire me with your remarkable creativity, and visiting your blog is just delightful:)
    Have a blessed week and much love!

  8. Thank you, Kelly-Anne! You are so very sweet. : )


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